Grand opening

By Dr Craig L. McLahan


While everyone was running around setting up for our Grand Opening on Saturday, September 8th, I locked myself up in the X-ray room of the hospital to prepare a little speech. I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of having to hold a microphone in my hand and talk to a crowd; I feel more comfortable talking to one or two people in an exam room in the presence of a pet.

I was surrounded by my amazing staff!

But I knew I had to do this. The Grand Opening of my very own veterinary hospital was a once in a lifetime event, my dream come true. Around me everything accelerated and before I knew it, it was time to give our mayor, Mark Barbee, a tour of the hospital.

When we came back out, the enormous Bridgeport Fire Department truck started reversing into our parking lot. When it was close enough to our building, the firemen extended the ladder and one of them got onto the roof. When they raised the American flag on our building, it filled me with pride. It all went so fast! And when the fire truck was gone, it was time for my speech.

Surrounded by my staff, I said what I wanted to say. Then, mayor Barbee made a few remarks and cut the ribbon. The veterinary hospital finally was officially open! And then something magical happened, which may have been the best part of our Grand Opening. A long line of people who wanted to take a tour of the hospital and pet resort formed in front of the building. There was free food and water ice but these people simply could not wait another minute to tour the new hospital in the old bank. It took five people two hours to give everyone a tour, in groups of ten.

Fortunately, after they had taken the tour people got to enjoy the food trucks, the moon bounce, the face painting and the caricatures. Altogether it was a great afternoon, that every one of us enjoyed very much. I am so lucky to have an amazing team of wonderful people around me, we are in this together!

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